Things You Should Know before Applying For a Government Job

The U.S. Government, as well as every state government in the U.S., offers many government job opportunities to all kinds of individuals looking for work. Applicants can apply for any government job through their local state job board.

How to Get a Government Job:

The process of getting a job with the government is similar to getting a private-sector job. You will need to search for an opening, create and submit a resume, and possibly even interview. However, there are many laws and regulations regarding government employment.State governments will all have different regulations regarding government employment eligibility, pay scale, and job requirements.

Types of Government Jobs Available:

There are different kinds of jobs you can get from the Federal Government. They fall into three main categories

  • Competitive Service
  • Excepted Service
  • Senior Executive

You need to decide which government job fits you and your needs.

Competitive Service: The most common type. Applicants compete with one another in open competition. Jobs are given out by merit under the criteria set up by the Office of Personnel Management. Government jobs will fall into Competitive Service if they are not Senior Executive of Excepted Service. If you’re not sure where your job is, it probably falls under Competitive Service.

Excepted Service: For the most part, Excepted Service falls under national security and/or intelligence functions. The CIA, NSA, Department of State, FBI, Homeland Security, and Secret Service hire under Excepted Service. But excepted service does not only include high-level, sensitive areas of government. Patent examiners and DOD school teachers also fall under Excepted Service.

Senior Executive: Meant for men and women who will lead the continuing transformation of government. They are selected based on a history of commitment to public service, as well as a history of leadership. You will need to prove that you possess Executive Core Qualifications during the application process.

How to Apply For a Government Job:

When applying for a government job you should create a profile and resume on You need to submit accurate information in both of them. You can search for jobs by keyword, salary range, and location. You will also need:

  • The general occupational form, required for many jobs, which can be found at
  • Supplemental forms, depending on what occupation you are looking for
  • Proof of Identification
  • Social Security number
  • Know what type of job you are looking for, whether you are looking for temporary, permanent or volunteer work. The benefits for each will differ.

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